September 2021 ARES/RACES Monthly Meeting

Well boys and girls, its time to get together again. We will meet virtually on Wednesday, September 29th at 7:30 PM, using Zoom (Please email kc9unz [at] arrl [dot] net if you have not recieved the zoom contact info).

The last time we met we walked through the documentation that we have at the hospitals for the amateur stations. I intended for our next meeting that we would complete that walk through and lo and behold it looks like we made it through. Our conversations left us with some outstanding questions and things on our to-do lists.

So here is what we will discuss on Wednesday.

  • I've created a couple of ICS-205 forms with our primary frequencies as a template to use when we need them. They mirror the activation form that previously was at the beginning of the Hospital documentation.
  • I've also mocked up a draft MOU for us to use with the repeater owners that we mention on our 205. The one I mocked up is specifically for MARA and the use of the MARA "15"  Remember this is a DRAFT!
  • Please make sure that you set aside Nov 13 so you can attend the Wisconsin ARES/RACES Annual Conference. The afternoon will handle ICS forms from what and how to use them, to how they integrate into Winlink to how they facilitate communication across an expanding incident. There will also be talk about using APRS and texting. We are emphasizing digital this year. 
  • I'd also like to share the latest versionof fillable ICS forms with you. Please see below for links.

So here follows a list of documents for your consideration. I am allowing comments on the first set. Please feel free to take a look and comment. The second set is for reference.

Thanks all. See you on Wednesday.