Winlink Presentation from January 2021 Dane/Iowa ARES/RACES meeting

At the January 20, 2021 Monthly meeting of the Dane/Iowa County ARES/RACES meeting we discussed Winlink. Here is the materials from that meeting including a video of the meeting, the presentations and some Nets to check in to.

At the meeting we discussed using the internet to send messages as well as ARDOP (Amateur Radio Digital Open Protocol). At the time we were not able to demo making a winlink connection on a hand-held 2 Meter radio. Since the meeting we did discover that the Local Winlink Node WC9AAG @ 145.610 is up and running. The presentation has been updated to reflect this. If you update the channel list for a packet winlink session, this node will appear at the top of the channel list and communicates at 1200 baud!

Video of the Presentation:
ARDOP Session Demo:
ARRL Audio News with articles about Winlink, particularly how it was using during the Texas Freeze:

Here are some nets to check in.
Wisconsin ARES/RACES Winlink Net: Tuesdays, send message to KB9MMC subject: WI ARES/RACES Winlink Check-in Body of message (one line): call, first name, city, county, state For more information go to the bottom of the page at
I'll add more soon.