Ideas, Opportunities and To-Do Lists

I would like to keep an active list here of ideas for upcoming meetings as well as procedures we should firm up as we move forward. Please feel free to share at our weekly net meeting ideas or email kc9unz [at] arrl [dot] net those things that you think would be helpful to examine during our monthly meetings as well as Standard Operating Procedures you feel we need to firm up and we'll add them to the list.

Meeting Plans

  • Communications protocol other than a formal net (like our Weekly Net meeting)
  • Review how to use ARES Connect
  • Hospital operations
  • Volunteers each month to share his/her 24 hour go-kit

Operations/Procedures to firm up

  • Adding a secondary net control each week so when/if we move to a second channel late comers can be redirected
  • How do we connect with each other in an emergency

Opportunities for Service

  • Hospital Support
    • Primary & Secondary Operators for each hospital
    • Ad Hoc task force to re-examine the Station Binders and bring them up to date
      • Verify Frequency/repeater list
    • New Interhospital Emergency Preparedness Committee Liaison
    • Stoughton Hospital Station Repair
  • Internet Property review and update
    • Is our having a website important?
    • I am toying with a few different possibilities (since we have no budget cost is
    • Current Site is under Drupal using Luke’s personal web space using which Luke has registered.
    • I believe Luke has that we can assume, I also have if we
      would like to use that
    • How should we change content, what is important to have there. I am also working on a plug-in to help manage membership.
    • Can we find a way to pay for hosting or do we find a free option? Currently Luke is hosting the site as an add-on to his personal hosting space. Can our organization take responsibility ourselves.
    • How do we host in a way to minimize cost and create organizational ownership. While many of these are free as soon as we assign a domain name it starts to cost.
      • QSL.NET (free, straight HTML)
      • QTH.COM (Not free, Wordpress)
      • (free, 3 GB limit under free account), Domain Extra
      • Amazon (Lightsail, Wordpress, not free)
      • Make a deal with MARA to add ARES to their hosting
      • We should explore our options.
    • I have secured kb9orn [at] gmail [dot] com for use going forward to prevent the necessity of using personal emails, making eventual transitions more seamless.
    • Most documents can be stored there (or under wordpress) in google format which provides unlimited storage (in their formats)
    • Current Work examples (none are complete):
  • Dane County EOC
    • What should we be doing
    • Should we be doing anything
    • Modes
      • ARDEN
      • WinLink
      • Other Digital
      • Voice
  • Unify Procedures
    • How do we activate?
    • What modes do we support
    • What frequencies we expect to use
    • Document our procedures
      • Hospitals
      • SEOC
      • CEOC
      • Other?
  • Contact/Information List
    • ARES Connect is going away
    • We need to update our contact and capabilities list
    • I am tweaking a membership/contact plug-in for WordPress that I've written for a different organization (using this is related to update of the website) Or do we wait to see what the State ARES expects to replace ARES Connect with.
  • Update our ARES/RACES Tri-fold
    • It would be good to have up to date information to help keep up awareness of Dane County ARES/RACE
    • We have a web site (see earlier to-do item)
    • It would be nice to have a simple handout for people to refer to.
    • The current copy that I have is from 2011 when Tim Pierce was EC. This might be a good starting point.
    • Current Copy of Trifold TBD