Join us at the November 24th "Face to Face" Meeting

We'll be meeting "face-to-face" once more this year using Zoom. We won't keep you too long since some of you will be making pies. We have some end of the year house keeping to attend to and Tom will be telling us a bit about FM38, a network of repeaters I just learned about a week or so ago. If you did not get the email with the information send me an email at kb9orn [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll send you a copy of the information for our meeting. See you there!

September 2021 ARES/RACES Monthly Meeting

Well boys and girls, its time to get together again. We will meet virtually on Wednesday, September 29th at 7:30 PM, using Zoom (Please email kc9unz [at] arrl [dot] net if you have not recieved the zoom contact info).

The last time we met we walked through the documentation that we have at the hospitals for the amateur stations. I intended for our next meeting that we would complete that walk through and lo and behold it looks like we made it through. Our conversations left us with some outstanding questions and things on our to-do lists.

So here is what we will discuss on Wednesday.

Combining a Radiogram with ICS 213?

The Winlink Development Team has worked in concert with Radio Relay International to combine the routing "meta" information on the radiogram with the standard ICS-213 form to facilitate more accurate transmission of traffic. They have included this new form in the set of templates in Winlink Express and they have provided a fillable copy of the form on their web site at: Let's take a look at it and discuss how we might use it.

No Zoom Meeting this Month

Hello all. Let's take the Month off (August 2021) We will not be having our regular Zoom meeting on the last Wednesday of the month. This month we will have our normal Net meeting.

July 28, 2021 - Monthly Zoom Meeting

We'll see you at 7:30 on July 28, 2021 at the Monthly Zoom meeting for Dane and Iowa County ARES/RACES members.
To connect to the meeting use this link:

Here is a link to our agenda for the evening:

This is the document that we will be reviewing:

See you there!

June 2021 Month Meeting of Dane/Iowa County ARES/RACES

We are now meeting (still virtually) monthly on the last Wednesday of each month. This month that will be on June 30th at 7:30 PM.

Over the next few months we will be reviewing our existing materials to determine if they are still relevant. These items are part of our standard emergency documentation that each member should keep a copy of in their personal go-kit as well as is found in Hospital station documentation and is reflected in EOC materials as well. We should all be familiar with these materials so when we need them we know where to find them. This month we will review the activation plan which includes frequencies and procedures for activation. Some are no longer relevant and some are good but need updating.

The links to the material as well as the Zoom connection information went out in our email news this week. If you did not receive that email (first look in your spam!) and then send a request for the June Newletter and include your call sign in the email. You will receive a link to the newletter in reply email.

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